Getting married in our generation isn’t as usual as it maybe was in the time of our parents or grandparents. Even more, the meaning of such a marriage seems to be more important than ever. For us, our wedding was the cherry topping on our ice-cream-relationship. We decided to say YES to each other. As the decision to get married, the wedding itself was also a big act for us. A special day with the most important people, who watched us and our growing love over the years.
Finding a talented photographer, you feel comfortable with and who is making such pictures you imagine, wasn’t that easy.

But with you it totally was!
We are so happy and thankful to found you Karolina. You captured all of these moments full of emotions. Your pictures are naturally and not such kind of posed ones. Looking at them even now, a couple month later still feels like a time travel back to that day. And not only that we fell in love with your work, we also fell a little bit in love with you :D. All our friends and family raved about you and I was glad to have you around me the entire day, while I was preparing myself for the big moment. You felt like one of my close girlfriends, who accompanied me on that day. Thank you for your awesome work, your great personality and being part of the cherry topping ;)!

feel hugged <3

We got to know Karolina at the wedding of our friends Ola and Marcin and were super glad that she would accompany our wedding as a photographer as well. Already throughout the process of planning the wedding Karolina gave us a feeling of safety with her kindness and expertise. At the couple´s shooting, we could totally be ourselves and trust Karolina to capture all the special moments. She helped us in the right situations and had an eye for beautiful places and poses.

The way Karolina photographed the ceremony and the entire wedding celebration was very sensitive and many of our guests were full of good words about her. We were totally amazed by her work and seeing the pictures was like re-experiencing the day with all its emotions.
The album she created for us is absolutely beautiful. It shows how much love she puts into her work.

Karolina enriches the wedding immensely, both as a photographer and as a person!

rustykalne wesele w stodole Poznań

We’ve trusted Karolina to be our wedding photographer and we wouldn’t have chosen differently now or in thousand years. Choosing a photographer is after all the matter of great trust. The trust in the ability to capture the elusive, of immortalizing not the moments but the emotions. Today we don’t just remember what has happened, we also remember how we felt and we can feel it one more time.

Working with Karolina is very intuitive and smooth. She is simultaneously easy going and friendly but very professional when it comes to deadlines and her work altogether. She is not just another one of the staff people on the wedding. She is the only person that witnesses all the important moments, both from the brides and grooms perspective. She moves unnoticed but gives advice when it’s needed.

We highly recommend Karolina for all the people who care more about the feelings than just the appearances.

Karolina was an amazing photographer. Her friendly and approachable nature made us feel like she’s part of the family and we couldn’t feel more comfortable in front of her camera. Very flexible and resourceful, (she would even manage our bride hair and make-up crisis!) Karolina is a person you can rely on during your special day.
She captured the essence of the wedding atmosphere with all the emotions – love, laughter and fun. Her ninja skills made her blend in so the guests didn’t realize they’re being photographed, which made the pictures ever so natural.
Karolina’s creativeness lets her capture each wedding’s individual character. She is very professional and passionate about her work.

We love our wedding and engagement session photos, and we cannot recommend Karolina highly enough. We will definitely ask her for every other family event to document in the future!

Julita & Mehmet