H & F – garden wedding – Copenhagen

It’s not easy to describe such a wedding in a few sentences. There were much love and a huge amount of good vibes an ...

J & T – Wedding in Aachen

When I sat down in the return bus after few days spent with Julia and Torben, I had my heart filled with so many emotion ...

T & T – humanist wedding – Berlin

Theresa decided to walk down the aisle barefoot. In her dreamed-of wedding dress, in the soft grass and sunshine, while ...

N & M – intimate story – Osada Młyńska

During the lecture in the cinema room, two young people looked in shyly. Rafał invited them in, introducing Nadiia and M ...

E & T – wedding by the lake – Mazury

Ewa i Tomek wymarzyli sobie wesele na Mazurach. Zaprosili rodzinę i przyjaciół, by świętowali z nimi w pełnym słońcu ...

DaWanda Designmarkt in Malzwiese – Berlin

DaWanda Designmarkt at Malzwiese. Starring: MALZFABRIK, DaWanda, HungerFree, Equipo Bag, Zimelie, for.rest, JuMiBag, Nu ...

D & T – intimate home session – Iceland

my favourite thing about you is your smell you smell like earth herbs gardens a little more human than the rest of ...


"I get a little warm in my heart When I think of winter." ____________ Winter. Summer.

J + M – portrait session – Turkey

Po raz drugi w ciągu kilku dni namówiłam ich na pobudkę wczesnym rankiem, przed wschodem słońca, tak by o wschodzie być ...