I’m Karo. I live in Copenhagen together with my husband. My second home is Poland where you can meet me very often as well. If you are neither Dane nor Pole or you are just thinking if we could meet somewhere else – my answer is yes! Just contact me!

Me in a few sentences:

I love to smile!

And dance.

My wedding dress just had to swirl beautifully. My Mom sewed it, she has a huge talent! Picture taken by amazing Joanna Gałuszka

I cannot sing nor write very well, but one day I discovered, that I can tell stories about love using my camera!

I love to be few steps back and observe emotions drawn on people’s faces and in their gestures, feelings expressed by the sparkles in the eyes…

Apparently, my photography shows, that I am an architect by profession. Architecture helped me to better understand light and space.

Most often you can meet me with a backpack on my back and a camera in my hands. That’s the reason why my website is full of pictures from my journeys.

I love adventures! 5 months hitchhiking around South America? Yes, I’ve done it!

I love the wind and the spring sun.

If I need silence and inspiration, I escape into nature.

A cup of good coffee and a piece of delicious cake…yes, please!

It makes me really happy and motivated when my pictures give joy and emotion to others.

Picture taken by my beautiful Bride and Friend, Ola ♡

I am really happy to meet you here. I wrote all of these because I believe it will give you an idea of what kind of person am I. A good contact between photographer and a portrayed person is vital to take honest and authentic pictures. If you think we’re on the same wavelength there is nothing else we can do to meet for a coffee and talk!

photo credit @aleksandra.rosa.fotografia ♡

 What do I dream about?

I dream to photograph honest and crazy in love people. Of course, it’s easier to capture wedding day in a beautiful place, but it’s not about that. First of all find a place that will allow you to be yourself. You are the one who is creating the atmosphere of the day and you’ll be followed by your loved ones. Your smile, tear and blush on the cheeks will electrify and will make photographs live for a long time. And me as a photographer? I cannot dream about anything else.

What can I offer you?

My time and full attentiveness. I would like to get you know a bit, and thereby take honest and authentic pictures of you. I am not a person who is directing during the wedding day or a session and that’s why it’s so important that you will feel relaxed and trustful. Anyway as a photographer I will show your story in my own way, so please consider, if my “way of seeing” and also the way I am editing pictures is what you want. If you fell so, just throw me a message, tell your story and we will talk about all the details.


You will get your pictures in a password protected online gallery, it will help you to share images with your friends. However photography is not only a digital file, above all it is the real album full of paper printed pictures, which you can touch and smell. Photo albums are something what will stay for ever and I am sure not only you will reach for them, but your children as well. I offer you modern and elegant photobooks as well as personalized, traditional photo albums.